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Welcome to the Bella Bay Divers Technical Diving Course hub, where we go beyond the recreational limits and cater to those who seek to push the boundaries of diving exploration. Our technical diving courses are tailored for the adventurous diver looking to delve into the depths of advanced diving techniques, equipment, and unparalleled underwater experiences.

At Bella Bay Divers, we understand that technical diving is not just about going deeper or staying longer; it's about the meticulous preparation, discipline, and commitment to safety required to explore the realms that few divers witness. Whether you're aiming to navigate the hidden corridors of shipwrecks, glide through the silent chambers of underwater caves, or simply expand your skills to include trimix and advanced decompression procedures, our expertly crafted courses are your portal to the elite world of technical diving.

With a focus on comprehensive training, personalized instruction, and state-of-the-art equipment, Bella Bay Divers is dedicated to ensuring that each of our technical divers is equipped with the knowledge, skill, and confidence to undertake their diving ambitions safely and enjoyably. Explore our range of courses and take the plunge into the challenging yet rewarding world of technical diving with Bella Bay Divers.

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IDEA Technical Courses

IDEA White Trident

Dive into the depths of technical diving with IDEA Tec courses. Whether you're looking to explore deeper waters, extend your dive times, or navigate through the mysteries of caves and wrecks, our courses provide the advanced training and skills necessary for the extraordinary challenges of tec diving. 1.Apprentice Decompression Diver: The Apprentice Decompression Diver course is designed to familiarize divers with the theory, methods, and procedures of limited decompression diving. 2.Decompression Diver: Moving beyond the apprentice stage, the Decompression Diver course requires divers to have a deeper understanding and skill set for conducting decompression dives. This course involves a minimum of 5 dives, including 330 minutes of decompression, preparing divers for more complex diving situations and advancing their technical diving careers. 3.Helitrox Diver: The Helitrox Diver course offers divers the ability to use helium-enriched nitrox (helitrox) for dives to a maximum depth of 150 feet. This course includes 330 minutes of decompression dive time and is suitable for those who have completed at least 15 Apprentice Deco Dives, focusing on the benefits and management of using helitrox as a breathing gas. 4.Extended Range Diver: This course extends a diver's range to 185 feet with 350 minutes of decompression dive time. Divers learn to plan and execute dives that are more challenging and extend further into the decompression zone. This course is aimed at those who have already certified 10 Decompression Divers. 5.Normoxic Trimix: Divers are introduced to the concept of using trimix to reduce nitrogen narcosis on dives up to 200 feet deep. This course includes 350 minutes of decompression dive time and is available to those who have completed the Helitrox Diver course or have 20 Decompression Diver certifications. 6.Hypoxic Trimix: The most advanced trimix course, Hypoxic Trimix, allows divers to conduct dives using a mix that is hypoxic at the surface for depths beyond 400 feet. A significant amount of decompression dive time (450 minutes) is required, and divers must have certified 15 Trimix Divers before taking this course. 7.Technical Sidemount: This course is focused on the use of sidemount configurations in a technical diving context. It equips divers with the skills to manage multiple cylinders on either side of their body, offering redundancy and increased gas supply for extended range dives. 8.Cavern Diver: The Cavern Diver course is an introduction to the overhead environment, teaching divers to navigate safely within the light zone of a cavern, emphasizing line work, emergency procedures, and conservation practices. 9.Cave 1: Building on the Cavern Diver foundations, Cave 1 takes divers further into the cave environment, focusing on complex navigation, gas management, and problem-solving within the unique challenges of cave diving. 10.Cave 2: As an advanced cave diving course, Cave 2 challenges divers with more intricate dive planning, extended penetration, and advanced navigation techniques in the overhead environment. 11.Stage Cave Diving: This course is for cave divers who wish to use staged decompression to explore deeper into caves, teaching the use of multiple stage cylinders for gas management and extended range. 12.Cave DPV (Diver Propulsion Vehicle): Divers learn to use DPVs for cave exploration, allowing for greater distances to be covered within caves. Skills focus on vehicle handling, navigation, and emergency procedures. 13.Sidemount Cave Diver Course: This course trains divers in the use of sidemount equipment specifically within the cave environment, offering flexibility and ease of cylinder management. 14.Advanced Sidemount Cave Diver: Advanced Sidemount Cave Divers refine their skills in sidemount equipment use in caves, with an emphasis on complex navigation and techniques for dealing with tight restrictions.

TDI Technical Courses

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TDI Technical Courses offer a gateway into the exhilarating world of technical diving, where experienced divers push beyond the recreational diving limits. TDI, as a leader in tech diving education, provides a comprehensive curriculum that equips you with the expertise to explore deeper, visit untouched wrecks, and witness the uncharted territories of the underwater realm. If you're ready to challenge yourself and enter the realm of advanced diving, TDI Technical Courses are your next step towards underwater adventure and discovery. 1.TDI Nitrox: Start your technical diving journey with the TDI Nitrox course. Learn the benefits of using enriched air nitrox as a breathing gas, which allows for extended bottom times and reduced surface intervals. This course is an excellent first step into technical diving and provides foundational knowledge that will be built upon in more advanced courses. 2.TDI Intro To Tech: The TDI Intro to Tech course introduces recreational divers to the world of technical diving. This course covers basic concepts and procedures used in tech diving, equipment configurations, and an introduction to technical diving disciplines. 3.TDI Advanced Nitrox: This course builds on the TDI Nitrox course by expanding your skills and knowledge in using higher oxygen mixes up to 100% for decompression. Learn advanced dive planning and in-depth analysis of oxygen exposure. 4.TDI Decompression Procedures: Learn the theory, methods, and procedures of planned stage decompression diving with the TDI Decompression Procedures course. This course prepares you for dives to a maximum depth of 45 meters/150 feet. 5.TDI Helitrox (Trimix - 150'): The TDI Helitrox course introduces divers to the use of helium to reduce nitrogen narcosis and oxygen exposure during dives to a maximum depth of 45 meters/150 feet. It's an intermediate step before full trimix and covers the use of helitrox for decompression. 6.TDI Extended Range: The TDI Extended Range course takes you beyond the normal recreational limits to a depth of 55 meters/180 feet. It focuses on extensive dive planning, risk assessment, and the proper response to potential emergencies at these depths. Embark on TDI's Overhead Environment courses for an adventure into the enigmatic world of caverns and caves. Master the essentials of line navigation and safety in overhead environments, and unravel the mysteries that lie beneath with TDI's expert guidance. Dive in, explore the unexplored. 1.TDI Cavern: Discover the beauty of the overhead environment as you learn the fundamentals of cavern diving, focusing on line handling, emergency procedures, and conservation. 2.TDI Intro to Cave: Begin your exploration of the overhead environment with the TDI Intro to Cave course. Learn the basic principles of cave diving, including line navigation, communication, and the planning of simple cave dives. 3.TDI Full Cave: As the pinnacle of cave diver training, the TDI Full Cave course teaches you advanced techniques for navigating complex cave systems. Master the skills of detailed dive planning, advanced navigation, and gas management for the most challenging cave dives.

PSS Technical Courses

The Advanced Adventure Diver Course is designed for those who've tasted the thrill of diving and crave more. This course introduces you to new diving environments and specialized activities, like deep and navigation diving. You'll complete five adventure dives, gaining experience and skills that pave the way for advanced diving adventures.

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PADI Technical (TecRec) Courses

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Dive beyond the ordinary with PADI TecRec Technical Courses. Designed for ambitious divers seeking to explore further and deeper, TecRec offers the elite training necessary for advanced technical diving. Push your limits, enhance your skills, and join the ranks of the few who experience the most extraordinary dive sites the underwater world has to offer. With TecRec, you're not just learning to dive; you're learning to dive exceptional. 1.Tec - Intro: Introduction to Technical Diving sets the foundation for all further technical courses. This course provides an overview of the procedures and risks involved in technical diving, as well as an introduction to technical equipment and diving techniques. 2.Tec - Basic: Basic Technical Diving serves as a bridge between recreational and technical diving. You will learn fundamental skills required for technical diving, such as buoyancy control, proper trim, and an introduction to managing technical diving gear configurations. 3.Tec 40: The Tec 40 course is the entry point into the technical range, providing the training required to dive to a depth of 40 meters/130 feet using nitrox mixtures, decompression software, and stage cylinders. You'll learn to extend your time underwater by planning and executing single-stop decompression dives with up to 10 minutes of total decompression. 4.Tec 40 Trimix: Dive deeper into technical diving with the Tec 40 Trimix course. This initial step into trimix diving equips you with the ability to plan and execute decompression dives to a maximum depth of 40 meters/130 feet using trimix with a minimum oxygen content of 21%. The course emphasizes the use of trimix to reduce narcosis, allowing for clearer thinking and better judgment in deeper water environments. 5.Tec 45: Building upon the Tec 40 course, Tec 45 advances your depth limit to 45 meters/150 feet. It's here that you start to dive beyond recreational depths. You will refine your skills in decompression dive planning, the use of different gas mixtures, and managing multiple decompression stops. 6.Tec 45 Trimix: The Tec 45 Trimix course further extends your depth range and technical diving proficiency. Here, you'll learn to conduct dives to 45 meters/150 feet using various trimix blends with oxygen levels between 18% to 21%. The training focuses on perfecting dive planning, emergency procedures, and the execution of complex dive plans with multiple gas switches and decompression stops. 7.Tec 50: The Tec 50 course is where you become a complete, entry-level tec diver, competent to develop and execute technical dive plans to a maximum depth of 50 meters/165 feet. This course will challenge you with complex dive planning and advanced problem management. 8.Tec 50 Trimix: Achieve mastery in technical diving with the Tec 50 Trimix course. Certified divers at this level can undertake dives to 50 meters/165 feet, utilizing trimix with less than 18% oxygen content to significantly reduce narcosis and helium content to decrease gas density for easier breathing. This advanced course covers the comprehensive skills and knowledge needed for deep technical diving, including extensive dive planning, in-depth problem management, and the use of travel and deco gases for accelerated decompression.

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