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Welcome to the exciting world of scuba diving at Bella Bay Divers! Whether you're just starting out or looking to advance your skills, our range of recreational courses is tailored to meet your needs. From the foundational Open Water Course to the prestigious Master Scuba Diver program, each course is designed to enhance your diving expertise and open up new underwater adventures. Dive into our course offerings and discover the perfect program to embark on your next underwater journey.

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Begin your diving journey with our comprehensive Open Water Course. This entry-level program equips you with fundamental skills and knowledge necessary for safe and enjoyable diving. You'll learn about dive equipment, underwater navigation, and basic safety practices. Upon completion, you'll be qualified to dive worldwide up to 18 meters/60 feet, ready to explore the oceans' wonders. Available through: IDEA, SDI, PADI, NAUI, PSS and RAID

Open Water

The Advanced Adventure Diver Course is designed for those who've tasted the thrill of diving and crave more. This course introduces you to new diving environments and specialized activities, like deep and navigation diving. You'll complete five adventure dives, gaining experience and skills that pave the way for advanced diving adventures.

Advanced Adventure Diver

The Advanced Diver Course is a significant step up in your diving education. In this course, you focus on refining your techniques through four specialty courses of your choice. These specialties could include deep diving, underwater photography, or wreck diving, among others. With a minimum of 25 logged dives, this course prepares you for more challenging and rewarding dives. Available through: IDEA, SDI, PADI, NAUI, PSS and RAID

Advanced Diver (AOW)

Our Rescue Diver Course transforms you from a regular diver to a diver who can effectively manage dive emergencies and provide critical care. You'll learn skills like self-rescue, recognizing and managing stress in other divers, emergency management, and rescuing panicked or unresponsive divers. This course is both challenging and rewarding, significantly enhancing your safety and confidence as a diver. Available through: IDEA, SDI, PADI, NAUI, PSS and RAID

Rescue Diver

As the highest recreational diving certification, the Master Scuba Diver SDI Course represents a commitment to advanced training and experience. This course consolidates your dive skills and knowledge from the Advanced Diver and Rescue Diver courses. You'll emerge as a diver who's adept at navigating complex dive environments and capable of responding effectively to a variety of underwater scenarios. Available through: IDEA, SDI, PADI, NAUI, PSS and RAID

Master Scuba Diver

Recreational Specialty Diver Courses

Welcome to Bella Bay Divers! We are a premier diving center dedicated to providing exceptional diving experiences. Our team of certified instructors specializes in a wide range of diving courses including PADI, RAID, PSS, IDEA, SDI, and NAUI. Whether you are a beginner or an experienced diver, we have the perfect course for you. Explore the wonders of the underwater world with us and discover the beauty that lies beneath the surface. Join us today and embark on an unforgettable diving adventure!

1.Altitude Diver: Explore the unique challenges of diving at high elevations. Learn how to adjust your dive plan and manage your equipment in environments above 300 meters/1000 feet. 2.AWARE Coral Reef Conservation: Understand the vital role of coral reefs and how you can help conserve these crucial ecosystems with responsible diving practices. 3.Boat Diver: Gain the skills for safely diving from a variety of boats. From small inflatables to large liveaboards, learn the best techniques for entries, exits, and surface procedures. 4.Cavern Diver: Discover the basics of cavern diving within daylight zones. Focus on line handling, light use, and essential safety practices for exploring overhead environments. 5.Deep Diver: Dive deeper and explore the mysteries of the deep. Learn to plan and conduct dives that extend beyond the usual recreational limits, down to 40 meters/130 feet. 6.Delayed Surface Marker Buoy (DSMB) Diver: Master the use of DSMBs for safety and communication during ascent. Learn deployment techniques and dive planning considerations. 7.Digital Underwater Photography: Capture the underwater world with stunning clarity. Learn about underwater photography techniques, camera handling, and post-dive editing. 8.Diver Propulsion Vehicle (DPV) Diver: Experience the thrill of gliding through the water with a DPV. Understand battery care, maintenance, and safe operation procedures. 9.Drift Diver: Go with the flow on a drift dive and learn how to enjoy currents while staying in control. Focus on buoyancy, navigation, and communication in flowing water. 10.Dry Suit Diver: Extend your dive season in cooler waters with a dry suit. Gain the skills needed to select, maintain, and dive safely with a dry suit. 11.Enriched Air Diver: Dive longer and get back into the water sooner. Learn how to safely use enriched air nitrox with up to 40% oxygen to extend your no-decompression limits. 12.Fish Identification: Become a fish identification expert. Learn to identify fish families and their characteristics, enhancing your appreciation for underwater biodiversity. 13.Full Face Mask Diver: Discover the benefits of using a full face mask for added comfort and communication underwater. This course covers mask selection, care, and use. 14.Hogarthian Diver: Embrace the minimalist Hogarthian configuration for streamlined diving. Learn the principles of this gear setup to simplify your dive profile. 15.Marine Resource Management: Dive into marine conservation with a focus on sustainable practices. Understand the impact of human activities on aquatic life and how to protect marine resources. 16.Night Diver: Unveil the nocturnal beauty of the underwater world. Learn navigation, communication, and light handling to safely enjoy the unique experiences of night diving. 17.PADI AWARE: Enhance your knowledge about the marine environment and conservation efforts. This course helps divers become more environmentally responsible. 18.Peak Performance Buoyancy: Perfect your buoyancy skills for more controlled, effortless diving. Focus on weight positioning, streamlining, and fine-tuning buoyancy. 19.RNLI Sea Survival: Developed in collaboration with the Royal National Lifeboat Institution, learn best practices for survival at sea in the event of an emergency. 20.Sea Turtle Awareness: Understand the biology, behavior, and threats facing sea turtles. Learn how to identify species and contribute to their conservation. 21.Sea Turtle Net Rescue: Specialize in the rescue and release of sea turtles entangled in fishing nets. This course emphasizes practical rescue techniques and turtle welfare. 22.Search & Recovery Diver: Become proficient in search patterns and safely lifting heavy objects to the surface. Learn to plan and execute effective search and recovery dives. 23.Self-Reliant Diver: Develop the skills necessary for self-reliant diving, focusing on redundancy, risk assessment, and emergency self-rescue. 24.Sidemount Diver: Learn the advantages of sidemount configuration for comfort, convenience, and flexibility. This course covers gear setup and management for sidemount diving. 25.Underwater Videographer: Tell a story with your dives. Learn the art of underwater videography, from shooting techniques to editing and post-production. 26.Underwater Archaeology: Explore the past by learning the basics of underwater archaeology, including surveying, mapping, and preservation of submerged historical sites. 27.Underwater Naturalist: Gain a deeper understanding of aquatic ecosystems. Learn about relationships between organisms and the roles they play in the underwater environment. 28.Underwater Navigator: Sharpen your underwater navigation skills with compass techniques and natural navigation cues to find your way with confidence. 29.Underwater Survey Diver: Acquire the skills to conduct underwater surveys for scientific research, conservation, or to map dive sites. 30.Wreck Detective: Learn the history and intrigue of wrecks. This course teaches you how to gather information and unlock the stories behind submerged vessels. 31.Wreck Diver: Explore sunken vessels, planes, and automobiles. Learn to navigate wrecks safely, avoiding potential hazards while respecting their historical value.

Specialty Course Offered Through PADI

1.Advanced Buoyancy: Refine your buoyancy control beyond the Open Water Diver level. This course helps you minimize your diving effort, reduce air consumption, and move effortlessly underwater. 2.Air Fill Station Technician: Learn the proper techniques to operate a fill station. This course covers the safe handling of high-pressure gases, air station management, and fill log maintenance. 3.Altitude Diver: Discover how to adjust your dive planning and techniques when diving at altitudes higher than 300 meters/1000 feet, where pressure and decompression stages differ from sea level. 4.Boat Diving: Enhance your diving experience with techniques specific to boat diving, including entry and exit strategies, safety protocols, and navigation from various types of boats. 5.Computer Diver: Dive into modern diving with dive computers. Learn how to use various dive computer models for better dive planning and in-dive management. 6.Computer Nitrox: Discover the advantages of nitrox diving with computers. Learn to analyze nitrox mixtures and plan dives using computer algorithms for extended bottom times and safety. 7.Deep Diving: Explore deeper dive sites with confidence. This course teaches techniques for diving up to 40 meters/130 feet, including safety stops and emergency decompression procedures. 8.Diver Propulsion Vehicle: Experience the thrill of gliding through the water with a DPV. This course covers DPV operation, maintenance, and dive planning for fun and efficient underwater navigation. 9.Drift Diving: Enjoy the effortless underwater journey provided by currents. Learn to use natural water movement to enhance your dive experience while mastering buoyancy and navigation. 10.Dry Suit Diving: Extend your dive season with the insulation of a dry suit. Gain the skills to select, maintain, and handle dry suits for cold water diving adventures. 11.Equipment Specialist: Become proficient in the maintenance and repair of your dive gear. This course covers troubleshooting, routine care, and equipment configurations. 12.Heritage Awareness: Appreciate and protect underwater cultural heritage. Learn about historic sites, responsible exploration, and the importance of preserving our submerged past. 13.Ice Diving: Dive into the exhilarating environment beneath the ice. This course covers safety, planning, and specialized techniques for ice diving. 14.Integrated Full Face Mask Communications Instructor: Train divers to use integrated communication systems within full-face masks. This course focuses on equipment handling, communication protocols, and teaching strategies. 15.Kayak Diving: Combine surface mobility with diving. Learn to use a kayak for dive site access, gear setup, and safety considerations unique to kayak diving. 16.Lionfish Eradication Diver: Help control the invasive lionfish population. This course teaches safe handling and hunting techniques for lionfish culling. 17.Manatee Awareness: Dive with an understanding of manatee behavior and habitats. Learn about the conservation efforts protecting these gentle giants. 18.Marine EcoSystems Awareness: Gain an in-depth understanding of marine ecosystems. This course emphasizes the interdependence of marine life and the importance of ecological balance. 19.Night-Limited Visibility Diving: Explore the underwater world after dark. Learn night diving procedures, navigation, communication, and how to handle limited visibility. 20.Open Water Scuba Diver Instructor: Prepare to teach the world of scuba diving. This course equips you with the skills and knowledge to certify new divers. 21.Oxygen Administration: Learn how to safely administer oxygen in diving emergencies. This course covers oxygen delivery systems, safety, and handling procedures. 22.Research Diving: Participate in underwater scientific research. This course includes data collection techniques, research dive planning, and collaboration with scientific teams. 23.River Diver: Tackle the dynamic environment of river diving. Learn about current navigation, hazard identification, and ecological impact. 24.SDI Full Face Mask: Experience the enhanced visibility and comfort of diving with a full-face mask. This course teaches proper usage, benefits, and emergency procedures. 25.SDI Mermaid Course: Embrace the fantasy of mermaid swimming. Learn about mermaid culture, swimming techniques, and breath-hold diving in a safe and fun environment. 26.SDI Recreational Foundations: Establish a solid base in recreational diving. This course covers fundamental diving principles, equipment use, and safe diving practices. 27.SDI Shallow Water Scuba (Rapid Diver): Designed for quick deployment, this course is perfect for those looking to dive in shallow waters with minimal equipment and setup time. 28.SDI Sidemount: Discover the benefits of sidemount configuration for comfort and flexibility. Learn about equipment setup, buoyancy control, and advantages in overhead environments. 29.SDI Turtle Diver: Understand turtle species and behaviors. This course includes identification, interaction guidelines, and conservation efforts. 30.Search and Recovery Diving: Become skilled in search patterns and recovery techniques for lost objects. This course teaches how to plan and execute search and recovery dives effectively. 31.Shark Awareness: Learn about shark biology, behavior, and the vital role sharks play in the marine ecosystem, as well as the importance of their conservation. 32.Shore and Beach Diving: Master the art of diving from the shore. This course covers entry and exit techniques, surf navigation, and site selection for enjoyable and safe shore dives. 33.Snorkeling: Discover the joy of snorkeling. This course provides skills for surface swimming with a mask, snorkel, and fins, enabling you to observe underwater life with ease. 34.Solo Diving: Designed for experienced divers, this course covers self-reliance, risk management, and the necessary redundancy for safe solo diving. 35.U/W Hunter and Collecting: Learn sustainable hunting and collecting techniques for underwater environments, focusing on local regulations and species conservation. 36.Underwater Archaeology: Explore the methods used in underwater archaeology, including site surveying, mapping, and the non-invasive study of submerged cultural resources. 37.Underwater Navigation Diving: Navigate confidently underwater. This course improves your compass skills and natural navigation techniques for precise dive tracking. 38.Underwater Photography: Capture the beauty of the aquatic world. This course teaches camera handling, lighting, and composition for creating stunning underwater images. 39.Underwater Video: Create compelling underwater videos. Learn about video equipment, shooting techniques, and storytelling to document your underwater experiences. 40.Wreck Archaeology Survey: Dive into history with underwater archaeology skills specialized for wreck surveying, including site mapping, documentation, and research techniques.

Specialty Course Offered Through SDI

1.Adaptive Scuba Diver: Tailored for individuals with physical or cognitive challenges, this course emphasizes personalized adaptation and support, enabling all enthusiasts to experience the wonders of scuba diving. 2.Advanced Rescue Scuba Diver: Elevate your rescue skills to handle complex dive emergencies. This course focuses on developing your abilities to effectively perform diver assists, rescues, and first aid in a variety of scenarios. 3.Altitude Diver: Learn specialized techniques for diving at high altitudes where atmospheric pressure affects dive planning and safety. This course covers adjustments necessary for altitude dive tables and computers. 4.Deep Diver: Discover the unique environments encountered in deeper waters. This course teaches you the proper techniques for planning and executing dives that are deeper than typical recreational limits. 5.Drysuit Diver: Stay warm and extend your dive season. This course covers the selection, care, and techniques of drysuit diving, with an emphasis on buoyancy control and dealing with potential issues. 6.Experienced Scuba Diver: For divers with experience looking to refine their skills, this course reviews and improves upon your existing knowledge and abilities, focusing on safety and best practices. 7.Full Face Mask Diver: Explore the advantages of full-face mask diving. Learn about enhanced communication, protection, and comfort as you become proficient in using a full-face mask underwater. 8.Helitrox Diver: Enter the world of technical diving. This course introduces you to the use of helium-enriched nitrox (helitrox) for extended no-decompression limits and reduced narcosis on deeper dives. 9.International Diver: Recognize and adapt to international diving standards. This course prepares you to dive globally, understanding different regulations, units of measurement, and dive practices. 10.Night & Limited Visibility Diver: Learn to navigate and enjoy the underwater world in the dark. This course covers the planning and skills needed for safe and enjoyable night and limited visibility diving. 11.Nitrox Diver: Stay underwater longer with enriched air nitrox. This course teaches you to use nitrox mixtures safely, allowing for longer no-decompression limits and shorter surface intervals. 12.Recreational Hookah Diver: Experience diving without tanks on your back. Learn the specifics of surface-supplied air diving, including the use of a hookah system for shallow water exploration. 13.Refresher Scuba: Update and review your scuba skills. This course is perfect for divers who haven't been in the water for a while, ensuring you're dive-ready and up to date with procedures. 14.Search & Recovery Diver: Develop skills for locating and retrieving lost objects underwater. This course covers search patterns, lifting devices, and recovery planning for various scenarios. 15.Sidemount Diver: Experience the freedom and flexibility of sidemount diving. Learn to configure and use sidemount gear for comfort, convenience, and redundancy. 16.Skin Diver: Combine snorkeling with breath-hold diving. This course teaches you to make short visits underwater on a single breath, enhancing your snorkeling adventures. 17.Supplied Air Snorkeling: Enjoy extended snorkeling with a continuous air supply. Learn the basics of using a surface-supplied air system for relaxed and extended surface exploration. 18.Tandem Scuba Diver: Dive with a partner using a single set of gear. This course teaches the unique considerations and procedures for tandem diving for fun or as an introductory experience. 19.Training Assistant: Assist in diver education as a training assistant. This course prepares you to support instructors during training dives and help students during their learning process. 20.Underwater Archaeology: Delve into the past by learning the fundamentals of underwater archaeology, including surveying, documentation, and preservation techniques for submerged sites. 21.Underwater Digital Imaging Diver: Explore the art of capturing the underwater world with digital cameras. This course covers the basics of underwater photography and videography, from shot composition to equipment selection. 22.Underwater Hunting & Collecting: Learn the ethical and safe methods of underwater hunting and collecting, focusing on sustainable practices and local regulations. 23.Underwater Naturalist: Develop an understanding of marine life and ecosystems. This course enriches your diving experience by teaching you to identify and appreciate the diverse life forms underwater. 24.Wreck Diver (External Survey): Discover the history and intrigue of wrecks. Learn to navigate around wreck sites, identify potential hazards, and appreciate the historical value while conducting non-penetration surveys.

Specialty Course Offered Through NAUI

1.Accelerated Decompression: Explore deeper and stay longer with the Accelerated Decompression course. Learn advanced planning and execution techniques for dives that require decompression stops, utilizing enriched air or oxygen to safely reduce decompression time. 2.Boat Diving: Enhance your boat diving experiences with our Boat Diving course. Master the skills for safe entries and exits, dive planning, and navigation from different types of boats, making every boat dive smooth and enjoyable. 3.Buoyancy and Trim Control: Perfect your buoyancy and streamline your diving posture with the Buoyancy and Trim Control course. Attain precise control over your buoyancy and trim for more relaxed, efficient, and enjoyable dives. 4.Cavern Diving: Discover the unique environment of underwater caverns. The Cavern Diving course covers techniques for safe navigation and exploration within the light zone of caves, emphasizing line handling and emergency procedures. 5.Decompression Techniques: Dive beyond recreational limits with our Decompression Techniques course. Learn the intricacies of planning and conducting staged decompression dives and managing the associated risks. 6.Drift Diving: Go with the flow with Drift Diving. Learn how to effectively dive in currents, manage your navigation, and use drift aids for an exhilarating underwater ride. 7.Dry Suit: Stay warm and comfortable in colder waters. The Dry Suit course will equip you with the knowledge to select, maintain, and dive with a dry suit, keeping you dry and extending your dive season. 8.I.D.Mask - U/W Communication: Communicate effectively underwater using Integrated Diving Masks (IDMs). This course covers the use of full-face masks with built-in communication systems for enhanced underwater interaction and safety. 9.Limited Visibility Diving: Enhance your confidence in low-visibility conditions. Learn the necessary skills for navigation, communication, and orientation when diving with limited visibility. 10.Night Diving: Experience the wonder of the underwater world at night. Learn specialized techniques for navigation, communication, and light handling to safely enjoy and explore nocturnal marine life. 11.Nitrox Diving: Maximize your bottom time with the Nitrox Diving course. Understand the use of enriched air nitrox for longer no-decompression limits and reduced post-dive fatigue. 12.Scooter/DPV Diver: Cover more ground underwater with the Scooter/DPV Diver course. Learn to use Diver Propulsion Vehicles (DPVs) for efficient and fun exploration of dive sites. 13.Search and Salvage: Become proficient in search patterns and recovery techniques. The Search and Salvage course teaches you to locate and raise objects safely and efficiently from the underwater environment. 14.Sidemount Diving: Discover the benefits and versatility of sidemount diving. This course teaches you about equipment configuration, gas management, and the freedom of movement offered by the sidemount setup. 15.U/W Photography: Capture the underwater world in vivid detail. The U/W Photography course teaches you the techniques for underwater shooting, lighting, and composition to bring back stunning images from your dives. 16.Underwater Archaeology: Uncover history beneath the waves. Learn the principles of archaeological surveying and documentation in our Underwater Archaeology course, and contribute to the preservation of submerged cultural heritage. 17.Underwater Ecology: Dive into the complex relationships within marine ecosystems. The Underwater Ecology course educates divers on marine life interactions, habitats, and the importance of biodiversity. 18.Underwater Navigation: Never lose your way underwater. Our Underwater Navigation course equips you with the skills for precise compass use, natural navigation cues, and effective dive site mapping. 19.Wreck Diving: Explore sunken treasures with our Wreck Diving course. Learn the best practices for safely visiting wrecks, including mapping, hazard identification, and penetration techniques. 20.Wreck Penetration: Take your wreck diving further with Wreck Penetration. This course delves into advanced techniques for safely navigating and exploring inside sunken vessels, emphasizing line management and emergency protocols.

Specialty Course Offered Through PSS

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