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This regulator set is designed to work with technical doubles configuration.  It includes the following:


- 2 HOG D1 X First Stage DIN

- 2 HOG Classic 2.0 Second Stage

- Long and short hose

- Brass and glass SPG with HP hose

- 90 degree swivel for each 2nd stage


D1X First stage


The Hog D1X a Balanced 1st with Environmental first stage regulator that is designed for Technical Divers! Divers demand performance, durability, and dependability from their gear and HOG delivers at a shockingly low price.

Key Features:

  • High-Pressure Ports: 2 HP Ports
  • Low-Pressure Ports: 5 LP Ports
  • First Stage Type: Diaphragm, Balanced
  • Environmental Kit
  • Swivel 1st Stage
  • 5x3.5 inches\12.7x8.89
  • 2 lbs\0.907185 kg


D3 First Stage (upgrade option)

The D3 first stage is our finest diaphragm regulator to date. Taking all the best features of both the
D1 and D2 and adding an improvement in performance. We have produced a new first stage that
can meet all the needs and desires of the most demanding exploration focused tech diver, while still
providing a value that exceeds the competition.

2013 Scuba Labs Testers’ Choice

Choose 300 Bar DIN or Yoke Connections

  • Environmentally sealed for contaminated or cold water use
  • Constructed of both Trivalent-Chrome and Black Zinc Chromate Plated Brass
  • High Performance Low Profile Balanced Diaphragm 1st Stage
  • 5 LP Hose Ports on compact swivel, 2 HP Hose Ports


Size: 9.0cm tall x 3.75cm wide x 7.75cm deep (DIN Sealed Unit)
Weight: 1lb 9.6oz / .73kg




D1X Sealed DIN Classic 2.0 Regulator Set for doubles


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