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PTRD 3 Star Diver 50 meters

  • 60 hours
  • 1,550 US dollars
  • Bella Bay Divers

Service Description

Once you do the theory and practices in the sea, and pass the evaluation, you will sign the COURSE DECLARATION FORM and your instructor will certify you as a PTRD 3 Star Diver (or PTRD 3 Star Nitrox Diver with a little more training) as you will be considered to have a professional level knowledge of dive theory, solid rescue skills, dive management and supervision skills, exemplary diving skills and sufficient experience to plan, organize and perform open water diving activities and lead other open water divers in guided and organized dives in a safe and competent manner. In order to lead divers on dives that have more demanding operational parameters, a PTRD 3 Star Diver has specialized training and appropriate experience. Where further diving instruction is required in order to comply with the above competencies, it may only be provided by a properly qualified diving instructor. A PTRD 3 Star Diver is qualified: - to carry out a risk assessment in a suggested dive site and conditions and to determine its safety: - to carry out sport diving activities up to a depth of 50 meters, including decompression stop diving; - to carry out specialized activities of sport diving for which it has received the opportune formations; - to plan and execute emergency procedures appropriate to the environment and diving activities; - to act as an assistant to a PTRD Instructor to monitor students and improve safety. However, the PTRD 3 Star Diver is not qualified to evaluate or teach any skill or knowledge to participants in a teaching program.

Contact Details

  • Bella Bay Divers, State Road 52, Hudson, FL, USA


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