Professional Training Courses

The Proffessional Levels We Certify

ProTec  Diving International Premier Center we certify the following professional levels.


Assistant Scuba Instructor

Scuba Instructor (Open Water Scuba Instructor)

Specialty Scuba Instructor

Master Scuba Instructor

Assistant Instructor Trainer



Professional courses go beyond recreational training and specialty courses, allowing you to begin making a living from diving, or at least earn some money.

The Divemaster certification is usually the first rung on the professional ladder, and it allows you to conduct guided dives for certified divers. Whenever you dive with a guide, there’s a good chance that he or she is a Divemaster. A Divemaster can also conduct refresher courses independent from an instructor, but cannot run any other courses. Divemasters often assist with courses, help with logistics around the shop, and help run the dive boats.

An Assistant Instructor can assist in training scuba divers, typically from entry to advanced levels, but sometimes not on any professional courses. They can also assist in trial dives, refresher courses, and junior dive courses, but they cannot conduct any of these courses themselves; a qualified instructor must be present. A number of people start their professional dive career this way before moving on to further training. Others use it as a way of volunteering at local dive shops in return for perks such as discounts on gear or dive trips. 

The Instructor level lets you teach non-divers to dive, as well as take non-divers on discovery dives before their certification. This is typically the first level of certification wherein you are allowed to take non-certified divers into the water. Depending on the organization, the instructor level can be split up in various ways.